AI will transform

Quality AI will help healthcare providers save more lives through better, faster screening and detection. Aival bridges the gap between clinicians and AI vendors, to allow an AI system to be properly analysed and monitored, and give users the confidence they need to know it will work at their local site and for their patients.

Using Aival's software, clinicians and decision makers can evaluate different AI products quickly, and choose the ones which offer greatest clinical benefit for their patients

Who we help

We aim to accelerate the adoption of robust and safe AI, by enabling players across the ecosystem to thoroughly assess AI products before and after deployment

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Clinicians and decision-makers looking to adopt AI, helping them validate performance claims on local data, ensure fairness across demographics, and rapidly compare different AI products


PACS vendors and other platforms offering suites of AI products, helping healthcare decision-making clients to assess products across the platform and monitor performance after deployment


Developers of imaging AI products looking to sell to healthcare providers, helping them gain trust with clinical buyers to accelerate sales, and to monitor deployed products for post-market surveillance

Our software provides scalable, independent assessment of AI products, ensuring performance, fairness, robustness and explainability and continued performance after deployment

Why Aival?


Fast, and can be used without technical training


Vendor-neutral external assessment and monitoring


Scalable with standardised outputs that can be viewed across products

AI will transform healthcare for good


AI will allow for faster diagnosis and triage of cases such as detection of emergency pathologies (stroke, pneumothorax) from head CT and chest x-rays


AI will vastly improve the screening process, enabling doctors to spend more time attending to the patients that need them

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Solutions for AI monitoring


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